Guest Blog: Cure to Cancer

Is the cure to cancer truly attainable? The entire medical field is working day and night to make that question a reality. This is the positive hopeful out look on cancer and how the medical community is seeking to alleviate the problem. But there is another side. The medical industry may have a pure goal that they all look to accomplish but the industry is corrupted by its own greed to profit on their accomplishments. With over priced drugs, medical payments to the hospital, and expensive treatment options that people have to sift through, one would ask is the medical industry truly focused on the health and wellness of the patient? With all these incredibly high expenses that people have to endure the medical field looks to be more concerned with money and profiting themselves through the diseases, injuries, and wounds of the people. Although the goal of the medical industry is correct in its purpose for cancer, they are wrong in there mindset of money first.

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells caused by multiple changes in gene expression leading to unregulated balance of cell proliferation and cell death. That dysfunctional cell ultimately evolves into a population of cells that can invade tissues and metastasized to distant sites, causing significant morbidity and, if untreated death. (Metastasized, American Scientists) Cancer is something that can effect every category of the body; the blood streams, muscle tissue, bones, organs, ect. Cancer is an invasive kind of disease meaning a cancerous cell in your bones would be different from one in your brain. They both are considered cells, but there make up and functions differ which means cancer in the brain is different then in the bones. This entails that there are different categories of cancer. Two main differences are carcinomas and sarcomas. One deals with cancer in the epithelial tissue, and the other deals more with connective tissue and mesodermal tissue. (Cancer, Environmental Encyclopedia) The search for the cure is still going on although we have ways to slow down cancer through methods like chemotherapy, radiation, and ant-cancer drugs. There must be some commonality to cancer of all types? Shouldn’t there be a way to cure all of it for good? These thoughts go through the minds of all the people looking for a cure, but there is much controversy around the type of treatment one should be pursing. There are opposing views on how to deal with cancer. Many point to specific types of treatment as the answer while others point to natural foods, supplements, life changes as the answer. Cancer is a complex issue that can be viewed in many ways, but the focus behind all of them is to find a cure.

The body can fight cancer itself! The body can chemically recognize cancerous cells and kill them. Your body does this automatically with no treatment and can stop cancer before it even starts. White blood cells are made in the bone marrow. There are B cells and T cells they both work together to kill foreign invaders, damaged cells, bacteria, viruses, infection, and even cancerous cells. Cancer cells are not normal cells which cause some antibodies on the white blood cell to recognize and kill them. Unfortunately, this is not always enough to get ride of all the cancer and the body may not always be able to recognize or kill all the cancerous cells. There are many treatment options for cancer in the world but opposing viewpoints blur the line between the right treatment from the wrong. One of those kinds of experimental treatments that have opposition is “Immunotherapy” which used natural body substances or drugs made from natural body substances to treat cancer. (American Association for Science, Academic Journal) Some of the many different chemicals produced as part of the immune systems response to cancer can be made in laboratories. Those same substances can be added back to the body boosting the immune systems defenses. A couple of examples of a substance that we can produce are interferon, interleukin 2, and monoclonal antibodies. The plan would be hopefully to help the body see cancer cells more efficiently and get rid of them. But, one must keep in mind that there are things that can weaken the immune system that we cause for ourselves. There are some people that would use this treatment and say this is the right way to go but others would say it is not enough because it does not completely obliterate cancer efficiently. That is why Immunotherapy is seen as a experimental treatment. It is one of the most controversial treatments due to the people for it and against its purposeful use.

There are anti-cancer agents with the ability to shrink, stop, and block forms of cancer. You can find some of these anti-cancer agent in foods and supplements. These foods and supplements act epigenetically which means they turn off the metastasis genes. (Personal Choices can lead to better health, Komaroff) Metastasis is the process of cancer spreading from the place which it first arouse as the primary tumor to distant locations in the body. If we take another look at cancer we will see that all types of cancer have common elements called the hallmarks of cancer. The cancerous cells ability to not commit cell suicide, to thrive in hostile environments, to invade cells and metastasis, as well as the ability for limitless replication and growth of blood vessels that bring nutrients to the tumor. An anti-cancer agent is something that can slow or stop all those hallmarks. Since cancer can thrive in hostile environments, acidic solutions, they become more aggressive and invasive. A method that can combat the slight acidic environment is a substance that is “low glycemic,”or in a more alkaline state. Foods that achieve such a state include; broccoli, grape fruit, lemons, lime, onions, peppers, tangerines, mango, berries, and so many others. In reality all organic based food play there part in health, they can help the body in so many different ways. There is a close relationship between health and the intake of natural substances. One example of this found in the research done by the University of Arizona which states that women with deficient levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of breast cancer. There are many other cases like these were you can find a natural substance that if present would lower or completely stop the risk of cancer. Although this is not an exact fix through this method it is seen to be a solid way of dealing with cancer in general. There are some that say this kind of option only could help a select few of people because there is no guarantee based on how much of the food, supplements, or vitamins are needed to combat cancer. This is more of a lifestyle change that could help but there is the chance of it just slowing the cancer instead of destroying.

In conclusion there are options for treating cancer. Some of those options are experimental therapy, lifestyle changes, and anti-cancer agents. These all have their place against cancer but the main focus is to find a cure for cancer and through all of those options there is still opposing views. They are means are not 100% effective and for that very reason cause each one of them to have an opposing view. There is always another side to the story when you include the knowledge of each kind of treatment not effecting people or cancer the exact same way causing variation. Whether it is Immunotherapy, the use of anti-cancer agents life like supplements, or the life style change of foods that should be included in peoples diets none can give you the cure by themselves. It is important to keep all options on the table so that cancer can be beaten using all fronts.

By Daniel Etoroma


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