The cutting edge of care


The first time I burst out laughing while talking to Michael Dubin, the co-founder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, is when he mentions One Wipe Charlies, which he helpfully explains is his company’s “butt wipe for men.”

“Have you not heard of this?” he deadpans. “This will change the way you do things.” He then reaches into his bag to present me with a sample from his “personal stash.” I read from the package: “The civilized way to wipe.” Then I ask Dubin, who is 36 and gained YouTube fame in 2012 from the uproarious video he starred in that introduced his shaving subscription company, to explain the product. “Well, it certainly gets a laugh, but members swear by this. I mean, we sell thousands a day of this stuff. From a product level, it’s certainly an improvement. It’s a problem solver. As we like to say, great things…

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