To you,

Symbols for love, hope, and inspiration can come from so many different places.  The quest to be inspired is quite simple, just look around you.

As I have matured I have realized how important inspiration is to success.  It, in a lot of ways, is the backbone to it.  For without it’s ever growing power I don’t believe success can even come about. 

My creativity comes in strong waves. A product is my doodles. At the time I was trying to come up with a new symbol for Espirer, the company that I created, but I now realize that there is no need for it.


I wear inspiring bracelets as forms of reminders. They help me to constantly strive to do and be better.

I challenge you to find those things that inspire you and keep them close.

P.S. I apologize for not blogging as much in this new year of 2015.  So many ups and downs have already transpired and as a result I have left my blog highly unattended.




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