INtegrity Matters #74

As I write this now I am watching tv and listening to music when I know I should be sleeping.  I have a meeting at 8 am but I really want to write this.  So yesterday I went to my favorite place Noodles and Co.  If you haven’t been there or heard of it, you need to.  I go there so often I have gotten to know some of the staff so well when I walk in they already know what I’ll order.

Anyways, I ordered my food as usual but forgot to order a drink which I could have sworn I did.  Right when I left I asked just to see if a mistake had been made, to which the woman said no, but she gave me a water cup for free.  Here is where it got tricky.  As I took the cup and inched closer to the drink machine I was bombarded with thoughts of getting my favorite drink HiC orange-vanilla (SO Good!).  It was like time stopped and an eternity passed between getting my cup and walking up to the drink machine.  I really wanted my favorite drink but the cup I was given was for water.  As I got up there I almost got my drink of choice but thought better of it and got water.

As I exited the building I began to think about what just happened and it dawned on me that events that had transpired seconds earlier were much bigger than I had realized.  It was about integrity.  Integrity isn’t an action, it’s a state of mind, really a lifestyle.  It doesn’t start or stop with one measly action it is a collection big & small events that lead to a foundation.

I don’t know why I thought about this as I drove home but it was super profound and I knew I had to right about it.  It was such a simple seemingly meaningless moment.  But was it really? Far too often people think it’s about doing something good, kind, courageous, etc. when everyone is watching but that’s not what matters.  It’s what you do when no one is looking that really defines you.

Being an athlete growing up this idea was made ever clear to me in that, it’s not what you do when the lights are on that matter but the hard work that you put in when the lights are off that define you.  I just want to challenge you to do what you know is right whenever you can, even if you get no recognition of it.  You don’t do what is right because of the recognition but simply because of the fact that it is right.  In saying all that I will leave you with this quote from one of my favorite men, good ol’ Albert:


2 thoughts on “INtegrity Matters #74

  1. So true! I find myself in situations like this all the time…it doesnt matter if no one sees you doing the right thing. It only mayters that yiu can sleep with q good concious at night – i know i can and thats well worth it. Keep reminding people to do the right thing!

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