A Battle

I’m currently in the library thinking.

I know I should be studying but I can’t.  My mind is almost in a fog of sorts.  This hasn’t been the best week and a lot of it is my own doing.  There are moments in life, I know for me, when I feel like I am better than I actually am.  I start doing things well and my head swells to a point of no return, threatening to burst with any sudden movement.  Then there are times, like this week, where I fail and fail and don’t live up to the standards that I have for myself.  That sucks, you know, but it humbles me.  It’s during these trials that I realize that I am not as good as I try to pretend I am, especially without God.  I make it a point not to parade around presenting something that is false and arrogant but I am human and I fall prey to its trap as much as the next person.  And when I come to my senses it’s usually during a hardship or a failure that I have had that forces me to look back into the mirror I once used to uplift myself to now see what really lies underneath all the fluff.  I am thankful though because each trial and failure leads to more growth and more experience.

Why I titled this blog post is because I recently, well yesterday, went to a Bible study about compassion.  That’s a tricky thing, but one quote that I absolutely love is: “everyone is fighting a hard battle” by Plato. Great quote but I like the way it is painted here:

It helps me become aware of the fact that everyone is going through something, much like I do when I seemingly hit rock bottom.  And so even when times are tough I must, no I need to stay compassionate to myself when I fail and to others when I feel like I am at my wit’s end.

Keep pushing and finding what inspires you on this journey of life.


One thought on “A Battle

  1. “I need to stay compassionate to myself.” This is such an extraordinarily hard thing to do sometimes, but I think it is one of God’s greatest gifts–allowing us to show compassion to our own selves. The world is always different from the inside than what others see of us from the outside, and it is important to live in a place of growth and flexibility. The imperfections make us unique and enjoyable.
    Good stuff C.

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